We Are The Pack Society. A group of people dedicated to living free and looking good doing it. We go to where life leads us, and only bring what we need. Young, wild and Free. Veracious animals on the prowl for new adventures and unforgettable moments.

Sunrise, sundown, dusk, dawn. Those are just words, we rise to our own occasion. The sun is just lucky to be there. We howl at the moon to show him who’s boss. We st the Night on fire and burn, burn, burn till the break of dawn. We are forever young.

We don’t have a clubhouse. We roam the world freely. With friends and kindred spirits. They are our pack. The city is our playground, nature our territory. We don’t need a compass. We go wherever life takes us. If there is no path, we create it.

Untameable, uncontainable, unbreakable. Be Wild, life free.


If you like our bags or you might have any other question / inquiry, please do not hesitate to drop up a line: info@thepacksociety.com or give a call at: +31 (0)71 5820825


The Pack Society

Caballero Fabriek
Saturnusstraat 60 – unit 23
2615 AH The Hague
The Netherlands